Thee More Shallows – Freshman Thesis

If you are beginning your journey with San Francisco trio Thee More Shallows then I’d recommend you begin with their middle album ‘More Deep Cuts’ which is the most lavishly endowed with terrific songs. Dee Kesler is the lead and his aversion to shoddy workmanship meant that ‘More Deep Cuts’ took over 3 years to complete. His toil was for our benefit though as tunes such as ‘Ave Grave’, ‘2am‘ and this bad brother ‘Freshman Thesis’ provide a slightly disturbing yet curiously uplifting experience. The musicianship is artful and full of interesting asides but it’s the narrative that drives what emerges from your imagination. Windy paths of noise appear with clinical precision until by the end you are gripped by an intensity not normally associated with sonic titillation. Special doesn’t begin to describe it. KD

Thee More Shallows – Freshman Thesis

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Year: 2004

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