We Should Be Dead – Forget Romance, Let's Dance

If this were from a Swedish outfit it would be all over the blogosphere like a hicky. Instead We Should Be Dead come from a much sexier part of the world known as Limerick. Yep, that’s the same place that threw up the Cranberries a while back. Who knows what the future holds for this new quartet but if you are in any way partial to a piece of tasty Blondie then it’s time to dine out in style. ‘Forget Romance, Let’s Dance’ has already done well in Ireland and is indicative of the post punk on offer on their eponymous debut LP. Chugging chords, elastic beats and a sweet vocal (I’m hearing Tracyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura) turns what could have been an admirable pastiche into something that could yet shatter a lot of hearts (and not necessarily just the ones made of glass). KD

We Should Be Dead – Forget Romance, Let’s Dance

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Year: 2007

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