A Faulty Chromosome – Jackie O

At a guess I’d say ‘Jackie O’ was made for about $3. And boy do A Faulty Chromosome have a talent for stretching their budget to its limits. Of course having a sound like this would never have been a problem had it been the early nineties when lo-fi was rarely off well-informed hi-fi’s. Things has moved on though and unless you have a producer with at least a splinter of timber in his frame you’ll likely have to scrape hard for a living. A Faulty Chromosome should take some solace from the fact that there are still some of us out in the fringes going ga-ga (and quite tongue tied) for their delicately put together debut ‘As An Ex-Anorexic’s Six Sicks Exit’. There you’ll find us basking in the ghost of Ian Curtis while a menagerie of electro beats and splashes colour the vocals in the neatest of ways. The Field Mice have at last made contact with their barn loving cousins. KD

A Faulty Chromosome – Jackie O

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Year: 2007

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