Black Before Red – Underneath Gold

For not entirely obvious reasons ‘Underneath Gold’ just has that feeling of a sunny Saturday morning. Perhaps its uncluttered vision depicts a world without alarm clocks, irritating work colleagues, statutory cigarette breaks and stale sandwiches. Instead one thinks of a walk in the park, the smell of coffee brewing or just a world filled with relaxing distractions. Black Before Red are a well connected quartet from Austin who released their debut album ‘Belgrave To Kings Circle’ last year. You can’t escape the retro feeling to ‘Underneath Gold’ but its sprightly and good-humoured nature never lets this tic become pervasive. So arrange a pile of newspapers in front of you, open the door to whatever creatures are wandering around your back garden and turn on Black Before Red to join the dots in your new stress free world. KD

Black Before Red – Underneath Gold

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Year: 2007

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