Boy Genius – Radio Silence

There is a beautifully shambolic feel to this band Boy Genius from Brooklyn. Like they wandered into a studio, threw on their gear and played whatever popped into their heads. The music is in no way sequenced, is unlikely to be ever sung by the masses but it has such an inbuilt likeable quality it could catch on like a particularly virulent strain of the winter flu. Comprised of 3 fellas and a girl Boy Genius are accomplished musicians and despite the scrappy appearance know exactly when to prop up a song with a dart of brass or a fragment of harmonica. ‘Radio Silence’ is a classic in waiting, its DIY heart hammers at your door until you finally relent. A slow amorous dance is sure to follow and Boy Genius’s slow ascent towards glory gets another step closer. The band’s Eureka EP is out now. KD

Boy Genius – Radio Silence

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Year: 2007

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