Chapterhouse – Mesmerise

Reading’s Chapterhouse were not in any way the perfect band but they succeeded over a short time in writing a couple of perfect songs. ‘Pearl‘ is one such, a tour de force that ranks among the best that shoegaze ever threw up (!). ‘Mesmerise’ was another and marked a totally different direction, part electronic but still beating with the mighty heart of an indie classic. The eye-catching video was an advert for summer days, swimming pools, lido’s and long shaggy hair and pretty much summed up the carefree butterfly of the song it showcased. From the off a piano trickle signals the start of something great with the bulging electro brass heralding the arrival of some wonderfully realised ethereal vocals that were so beloved of the dream poppateers. It may be 17 years old but this tune still sounds like it still can’t go to the toilet by itself. Don’t hold back, a cherubic wonder like this deserves a pinch in the cheek. KD

Chapterhouse – Mesmerise

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Year: 1991

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  1. May 2, 2008

    Will you bring this one back up? I’m hearing it on Hype Machine and the quality is PERFECT. Please?

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