Eluvium – Under The Water It Glowed

It’s funny, it’s been a couple of weeks now since Explosions In The Sky’s gig in Dublin and all I can think about is how this song from support act Eluvium played out. Eluvium is the work of one man Matthew Cooper and what he lacks in on-stage rapport he more than makes up for in the beauty that emanates from his guitar and PC. Cooper records a snippet of music to hard disk, it replays endlessly through the machine, he then records another snippet which is layered onto what’s already recorded. As the sound swells and shimmers even more brightly with each incremental loop the effect is beguiling. ‘Under The Water It Glowed’ must have played out for over 10 minutes and we stood agog. At the finish the only response from Cooper was to gently stoop his head towards the floor as if the process has sapped everything from inside. It was a touching moment, a true performance even if it all sounds a bit pretentious when you try to explain it. Also included here is another track called ‘Prelude For Time Feelers’ which probably translates that bit better on record. KD

Eluvium – Under The Water It Glowed

Eluvium – Prelude For Time Feelers

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Year: 2003 & 2007

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