Grand Pocket Orchestra – Get Go

Marry the quirky melodies of Sydney’s Gerling (‘Get Go’) with the ‘where’s it gone I liked that song’ effervescence of Brighton’s Brakes (‘Radio’) and you’ll be at the gilded stage of Dublin’s Grand Pocket Orchestra. Doesn’t really matter if you’ve never heard of Gerling or Brakes (tut tut, you are missing out) though, Grand Pocket Orchestra have the charm and the songs to entertain you all by themselves. Up to now we’ve had to make do with home cooked demos like the heart swelling ‘Little Messy‘ and the mayhem that is ‘Radio’ so it comes as a relief to see that plush studios and production trickery hasn’t chipped away at the bands nutty perspective. ‘Get Go’ is perfectly uneven, devilishly played out and about as adorable as a puppy with a penchant for odd socks and chongo pop. KD

Grand Pocket Orchestra – Get Go

Grand Pocket Orchestra – Radio

Watch The Video To Odd Socks

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Year: 2008

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