Immovable Objects – Sheen

Lately my patience for taking in an album in a single sitting has faltered but I still found it impossible to turn away from Immovable Objects’ ‘Hoping It Stays Just This Broken’. We don’t know a lot about Matt Gagin apart from the fact that he is from San Diego and used to be in a well-respected band called Waterline Drift before choosing the solo route. Gagin as Immovable Objects has crafted something really special by pulling shoegaze and dreampop patterns into a lush mosaic of sound. For the most part the lyrics are indecipherable but Gagin’s voice integrates so seamlessly with the woozy instrumentation that it matters not a jot. There is a spectral feel throughout the album, so much so that you may find yourself with eyes closed and mind racing as the music offers up a seemingly endless list of possibilities. ‘Sheen’ is the perfect closer and if you are of a certain age you may notice a nod to Slowdive early on. ‘Hoping It Stays Just This Broken’ contains reems of heartbreaking material, it may be elaborate at times but that doesn’t stop it from affecting all those who come into contact with it. KD

Immovable Objects – Sheen

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Year: 2007

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