Monkey Swallows The Universe – Time Will Be Last

They may not have the frenetic craft of that other colony of primates from up Sheffield way but right now it’s Monkey Swallows the Universe that I’m going bananas for. Right, that is likely to have been the lamest sentence ever uttered on these pages so if you are in need of instant therapy ‘Time Will Be Last’ should do the trick. Monkey Swallows the Universe are unashamedly acoustic so are unlikely to grab you by the throat straight away but there’s magic in them thar slow turning melodies. The band have 2 albums to their name but worryingly have gone on a little break to think things through. Whether this means this Monkey’s gone to heaven remains to be seen but while we wait for their next move there is plenty of luscious audio to fawn over. KD

Monkey Swallows The Universe – Time Will Be Last

Watch The Video To Little Polveir

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Year: 2007

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