Said The Shark – No Getting Over You

‘No Getting Over You’ falls into that difficult category of song that you know you like but you can’t reason why. As far as I can work out there is no chorus, the tune just sorta floats along like a helium filled balloon that’s at the discretion of the wind. The breeze in this case is supplied by Maya Saxall, the helium comes via the 3 others in the band behind her. Saxall’s vocals are breathy, at times Sinead O’Connor in nature but forever in a flap trying to make themselves heard. And it’s not like the music is distracting, for most of the time it is positively languid but somehow seems to reinvent itself every now and then. Said The Shark are from Copenhagen and will release their second album ‘Silly Killings’ next month. ‘No Getting Over You’ is from their 2006 release, the curiously titled, ‘Always Prattling On About Wolves’. Great white hopes you could say. KD

Said The Shark – No Getting Over You

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Year: 2006

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