The Liberty Bell – I Need You

I hope that I never lose this love I have for indie music, age may usher in quieter musical forms like classical or slow tempo jazz but hopefully it won’t quell my guitar absorbing sensibilities. Life would just be so much poorer without the elation of finding bands like the Liberty Bell. TLB engage in musical acts not too dissimilar to those early Ride EP’s (or the unfairly forgotten Jubilee Allstars), namely they sound like the recordings took place on analog tape in a dusty parish hall. The effect is beguiling, especially so when the rough edges are twinned with slow turning melodies like on ‘I Need You’. The Liberty Bell is primarily the work of Joshua Moblo of which I know very little about apart from the fact that he comes from Michigan. ‘I Need You’ is taken from a very promising demo he made last year. KD

The Liberty Bell – I Need You

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Year: 2007

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