Annuals – Sore

By my reckoning Adam Baker is no longer a teenager so we can all stop going on about how young he is. One thing that won’t cease however will be headlines screaming how precocious this fella remains. Yep we’ve entered Annuals 2.0 territory and this time is even more illuminating than our first encounter. A new EP ‘Wet Zoo’ is due out on April 1st and ‘Sore’ is the first indication of how it sounds. The 5-song set contains 3 Annuals numbers and 2 from Sunfold (Annuals rearranged). ‘Sore’ is a change of tact for the band, a lowering of the experimental gears into full anthemic indie mode. Don’t worry they haven’t resorted to Coldplayisms, ‘Sore’ may reveal an aching heart but its nose is far from runny. And what a chorus, if you’ve never blushed now is the time to let it all go. KD

Annuals – Sore

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Year: 2008

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