Gerling – High Jackers Manual

I do hope we haven’t heard the last of Sydney’s Gerling. With frontman Darren Cross twiddling gamely with his new solo project the E.L.F. it seems that the trio’s days could be numbered. Such a shame really because they straddled that near perfect divide between dance and indie. It all started so promisingly on their debut (a lost classic if ever there was one) ‘Children of Telepathic Experiences’ back in 1997 with startling songs like ‘Enter Space Capsule’ and ‘Death To The Apple Gerls’ popping out all over the place. The follow up ‘When Young Terrorists Chase The Sun’ swayed more towards dance but it spawned their biggest minor hit to date ‘Dust Me Selecta’. ‘High Jackers Manual’ is even better and underlines the bands energetic style that preceded the Go! Team’s template by several years. Despite its title ‘High Jackers Manual’ is perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to a non-prescription cure for the blues. KD

Gerling – High Jackers Manual

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Year: 2001

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