Jason Falkner – They Put Her In The Movies

He has a list of collaborations as long as your arm with such luminaries as Paul McCarthy, Brendan Benson, Air, Beck and Aimee Mann but Jason Falkner is probably best remembered for his work with that Beatles obsessed outfit Jellyfish (he left after their fluff laden ‘Bellybutton’ was released). Besides all that Falkner has managed to squeeze out 3 solo albums, the last of which ‘I’m ok, You’re ok’ appeared last year. Jason has a story or two to tell I’d wager, I mean he once dated Heather Graham while at High School. Perhaps it is herself that provides the motivation for this 2004 number. Don’t be put off by curiously dated feel to the piece, give it some space and watch it grow into the stunner it is. The king is finally finding some clothes that truly fit him. KD

Jason Falkner – They Put Her In The Movies

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Year: 2004

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