Lisa Hannigan and Gary Lightbody – Some Surprise

Her out of Damien Rice’s background harmonies (now ended), him out of one the most unexpected hits of the last few years (please end it), together for the first time on an Irish charity record (Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign benefited) that went by the name of the Cake Sale. Whatever your views on where they have come from (mixed in my case) you’ve got to applaud the charm that is thrown into this simple ditty (the song was written by Paul Noonan from Bell XI who along with his
band mate Brian Crosby was responsible for putting the Cake Sale together). The fact that ‘Some Surprise’ works is made all the remarkable when you consider that the vocal parts were recorded separately and in different countries by Hannigan and Lightbody. This is the type of gentle stroll that deserves a wide audience, all the way from music snob to those with a penchant for holding cigarette lighters aloft. KD

Lisa Hannigan and Gary Lightbody – Some Surprise

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Year: 2006

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