Slushco – Weatherproof

There is a band (now slimmed down to a one man show) from Atlanta called Slushco, I think they’ve passed me on everything they’ve ever recorded and no matter which way I approach the recordings I can’t isolate a song of theirs that I dislike (in most cases it’s love). Perhaps it’s just one of those quirks of fate where an artists vision syncs perfectly with the listener’s idea of the perfect song. Reference points include Grandaddy and every other band that can precisely twin sucrose melodies with a curious sense of melancholy. In truth it is Brian Slusher’s vocals that seal the deal, they often appear faint and emotive but always leave a lasting impression due to the spot on melodies. ‘Weatherproof’ will sweep you off your feet despite being such a simple ditty. It is taken from Slushco’s last but one EP ‘Clouds’. Expect to be reading more adoring wordage here soon about last year’s follow up ‘When I Met The Boss Of Nova‘. KD

Slushco – Weatherproof

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Year: 2006

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