Starfish100 – Untrue

Believe it or not this is the sound of a Brazilian band, I know this because their myspace says so and they’ve got song titles like ‘Nao Volta Mais’ and ‘Minha Gerao’. Seems that good old indie pop has spread its tentacles far and wide enough to take in the sprawling metropolis that is Sao Paulo. Starfish100 have a list of classic indie influences as long as your arm and it permeates through on this fabulous tune. ‘Untrue’ is so unashamedly inoffensive it could well have become a Stereophonics dirge had it not been for the boys from Brazil’s eye for a killer melody. Who’d have thought that that tired old do-do-do cliché could still be used to devastating effect in a modern day pop song, maybe we’ve found the Southern Hemisphere’s Apples in Stereo. They shoot, they score. KD

Starfish100 – Untrue

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Year: 2008

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  1. Anonymous
    March 24, 2008

    Good good songs of Starfish 100. I hope someday i see a gig of this guys.

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