Stars Like Fleas – I Was Only Dancing

When I first heard ‘I Was Only Dancing’ it moved me to tears. Now I know I am prone to OTT effusiveness on an almost daily basis but this really is a special piece of music. Stars Like Fleas are a Brooklyn based collective that have been around for about a decade but on this form they look set to quietly go about taking on the world with their 3rd album ‘The Ken Burns Effect’. Originally released last year it is set to be given a whole new lease of life by the Hometapes label in early June. Led by Shannon Fields and singer Montgomery Knot Stars Like Fleas could well come from Grizzly Bear country were it to have Pattern Is Movement as it’s capital. So expect lush instrumentation, gliding vocals and sonic gestures to slay any semblance of hate that exists within your being. Song of the year so far. KD

Stars Like Fleas – I Was Only Dancing

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Year: 2008

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  1. N1 MIKE
    March 25, 2008

    Hi Hugger – I just missed your post of Teenage Fanclub’s – Did I Say? + [Demo] in late 2006. I have searched since then in vain. I did once hear the original of this song but can’t get hold of it. And I’ve never heard the demo. Please could you repost these? It would make my month!Great blog. Thanks.Mike

  2. March 26, 2008

    Hi Mike, You can find the original on Teenage Fanclub’s greatest hits (FourThousandSevenHundredSixtySixSeconds) in all good record shops. If they’ve closed down, try the www!Kevin

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