The Honeyheads – Out of Marseille

The Honeyheads got to fulfil their teenage dreams by forming a band, they promptly split up. The Honeyheads got to fulfil their twenty-something dreams by reforming, Cloudberry Records (are you watching music industry, they are the future) shared their dreams and released a CDR of their music in March 2008. The truth of course is that any band with a name like the Honeyheads deserves to be loved. The fact that they produce the sort of music you hoped a name like that would inspire makes it all the more enjoyable. Huggable you could say and ‘Out of Marseille’ is certainly that. As well as being factually accurate (the band are from Hamburg) ‘Out of Marseille’ displays all the magical characteristics of a perfect indie pop tune. By the finish they even see fit to add some Sonic Youthism’s to keep the straying general public from the door. Good Friday, nah it’s better than that thanks to the Honeyheads. KD

The Honeyheads – Out of Marseille

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Year: 2008

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