The Young Republic – Blue Skies

If the Thrills had actually been born in America then this is probably what they would have sounded like. As you can imagine this means that the music the Young Republic make is uniformly pretty. All 8 of them recently moved to Nashville from Boston after several years studying music so as a nicely timed mark of respect you’ll find some country dimensions to tunes like ‘Blue Skies’. In this instance you may also notice a sneaky resemblance to the Shins ‘New Slang’, which adds rather than detracts from what is an all-round knockout piece of music. ‘Blue Skies’ is lavishly crafted, the lush instrumentation so adept it never detracts from the clean shaven vocals. The song is taken from the Young Republic’s debut album ’12 Tales From Winter City’ which is out now on End of the Road Records. KD

The Young Republic – Blue Skies

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Year: 2008

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