We're Marching On – 1800s

Towards the end of ‘1800s’ it starts to sound as if another song is clouding the listening experience. It becomes clear at the end however that in the background a ferocious blend of drumbeats is doing it’s damndest to be heard. ‘1800s’ is a work of many parts and may take a few spins to turn the puzzle into something resembling a comfortable listen. This can be off putting but you should be able to figure out that it is worth it from the word go. We’re Moving On are from Toronto and released the ‘Argh! Umph! Ahhh!’ EP last year. Sort of appropriately named actually given the feast of surprises supplied by ‘1800s’ and the array of instruments that must have been wheeled into the studio to execute it’s ramshackle nature. KD

We’re Marching On – 1800s

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Year: 2007

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