Au – RR vs D

Thank you Animal Collective, for without you we would unlikely have ever traipsed upon Au. When I’m listening to Au though I’m thinking of them in their ‘Banshee Beat‘ phase (the best one). Au for people who prefer real names is Luke Wyland (although he frequently calls upon the luxuriant charms of Becky Dawson’s voice), for those who don’t he used to call himself Luc (in a previous musical incarnation). With a self-titled LP already down cool hand Luke is preparing himself for the release of ‘Verbs’ wherein he and his collage of alter egos and friends should go interstellar. ‘RD vs D’ is a preview of the action and it is knockdown perfect, full of wispy drifting vocals and piano lines dispatched with the accuracy of a tap dancers best moves. And right where you think it can’t get any better in pipes a glorious circus troupe of brass. Pinch yourself, you are still alive, this is not heaven. KD

Au – RR vs D

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Year: 2008

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