Mothfight – Hopscotch

Quite despite myself this blog tends to go through phases where the only music that is being posted is of one variety or another. For a while I couldn’t abide by anything that didn’t sound like Explosions In The Sky, at one stage I couldn’t distance myself from all things electro pop and just right now I seem to be going through a mini experimental folk explosion. It feels good to be honest to be away from those sometimes tiresome jangling chords (who am I fooling?) especially when you have a band like Mothfight (I’ve left out both exclamation marks in their name so I can add emphasis about how great they are when the time is right) in melody freefall. Chances are Mothfight won’t be troubling the mainstream any time soon but aren’t the best acts those that can just be our little secret. The Austin quartet are ridiculously young and attired in the sort of garb you’d expect your favourite new band to wear. The ‘Hopscotch’ single is their sole recorded release but why stop at the music when there are posters, buttons and greeting cards emblazed with lots of Mothfight insignia to be had. Exclamation with a capital !!! then. KD

Mothfight – Hopscotch

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Moth!Fight!
Year: 2007

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