Pikelet – A Bunch

For some reason this tune reminds me of ‘Shadow Falls‘ from Hello, Blue Roses. Not exactly sure why but there’s something indescribably addictive about the sparseness. There is no semblance of chorus (or generic song elements for that matters), just lightly pounding (often indiscriminate) drums and the fanciest of dual layered ethereal vocals. Pikelet (aside from being a tasty pancake) consists of Evelyn Morris who comes from Melbourne. Her self-titled debut came out last year and was the product of her vision alone. Besides the glacial vocals she puts the generally sidelined instrument the accordion to much use. And despite what you might think the result is both illuminating and magical. Rampant experimentation on this scale normally sets sail from Icelandic shores. KD

Pikelet – A Bunch

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Year: 2007

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