Random – Dream

One of the things Vinyl, CD and even ye olde Cassette Tape have over the less traditional media like mp3 is that they normally come fitted with a smidgeon of information about the band in question. The problem with these bitrate ridden objects is that their ID Tags are more often than not as barren as a Samantha Mumba gig. So from time to time I’ll happen across a tune that offers little in the way of clues. ‘Dream’ by Random (!) is one such orphaned ditty. Normally I couldn’t give two hoots about a family-free-mptree but this particular effort is too good to be senselessly deleted and promptly forgotten about. The issue is exasperated by the fact that Google has failed Random completely and if Google can’t find it (and Poirot, Marple and Holmes are all dead – Fletcher doesn’t really count) nothing can. Except, perhaps, the wise old heads reading this piece of near nonsensical rubbish, namely you, have some snippets of detail? I am pretty sure Random are a Dublin band but that’s all I’ve got in the way of leads. Worry not if your knowledge on the matter is as ropey as mine; at least there’s a damn fine song to be savoured. KD

Random – Dream

More Info: Err, See Above
Buy Songs: You Got To Be Kiddin’
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  1. August 18, 2008

    You gotta be quick around here Erika as tracks are only up for 6 days.

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