The Old Believers – No More

Alaska to Portland seems like a long way but I haven’t looked at a map so I could be completely wrong. Nelson Kempf and Keeley Boyle recently made the trip and haven’t budged since. The duo call themselves the Old Believers and could become the most ridiculously cute new act of 2008. They remind me of Elephant Parade, for obvious reasons, but lean more heavily (if that is the right word) towards alt country. Most of their dispatches are acoustically set which means that nothing can detract from the sweet home cooked vocals. Their first record came out last year and was called ‘Some Song By The Old Believers’ (to avoid confusion), this years effort is titled ‘Eight Golden Greats’ (you can bet your bottom dollar they will be if this tune is anything to go by) but won’t be released until early June. ‘No More’ may have a unconventional opening but within a matter of seconds it becomes a thing of understated beauty, something so heart stoppingly fragile and utterly irresistible. Hugs were made for songs like this. KD

The Old Believers – No More

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Year: 2008

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