Wir sind Helden – Labyrinth

If you are ever in Dresden, the indie disco of choice (DJ dependent) is Hebedas. The night I was there, on the tiny vertigo-inducing dancefloor, we were treated to ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’, ‘Sexuality’ and ‘Electronic Renaissance’, as well as sets of Brazilian funk, 60’s crooner fodder and half an hour of German pop songs the locals launched into with gusto. Wir sind Helden (We Are Heroes), a four-piece from Berlin are a favourite. Here’s ‘Labyrinth’ from their latest album, ‘Soundso’. It won’t get a spin on the indie dance floor but it’s one for the headphones late at night. Cyclic and introspective, it builds to a calm wash of guitars, with singer Judith Holofernes’s voice sounding ever more plaintive, lost in a maze. TK

Wir sind Helden – Labyrinth

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Year: 2007

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  1. April 20, 2008

    this is a class song! would like to hear more from them.

  2. April 21, 2008

    I was introduced to this band about 4 years ago by a German guy called TimTom. The Song “Guten Tag” in particular!! Great Stuff!!!

  3. Anonymous
    June 27, 2008

    How do Germans find this band? Are they popular or not so much? They sound like a few really good Canadian bands.

  4. Anonymous
    December 5, 2008

    It’s one of the most successful bands in Germany! Especially their first two albums are great…Greetings from GermanyMartin

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