Acoustic Sunday

The birds are tweeting in the trees, the sun is breaking through the clouds and you’ve decided to skip mass for the third Sunday running. All you are missing now is something to colour your earspace as your eyes are already busy scanning through the only newspaper you buy all week. Well, here’s hoping that the acoustic wonderland supplied by Nick Schillace and Sainte Chapelle can make like a Picasso on your lobes. Both are undoubtedly pretty pieces, perfect background material with lively personalities shining through. Sainte Chapelle are Gary Pyskacek and Daniel Schneider (also of Pedal Steel Transmission) from Chicago, Nick Schillace on the other hand is from Detroit and is known to use a 12-string guitar when crafting his delicate unassuming opuses. KD

Nick Schillace – Your Memories of Oklahoma

Sainte Chapelle – In Search of Skip

More Info Nick Schillace: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Nick Schillace
Year: 2008

More Info Sainte Chapelle: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Sainte Chapelle
Year: 2004

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