Allegories – Grass Toboggan

This song knocked me for six when I heard it first time around. Subsequent listens have proven no less exotic, no matter what way I approach it I continually fail to unravel a single word yet always leave with a bleary intoxication from the dreamy swirls. This is Panda Bear with less obvious reference points, Adam Bentley and Jordan Mitchell venture into the great unknown and come back bearing all manner of gourmet audio. The remarkable news is that there is a full album of wide-eyed glee and its called ‘Surreal Auteur’, a moveable feast that will have you entranced from beginning to end. Much like their website Allegories are wilfully obscure but never taxing, in fact their patchwork quilt of hidden messages add up to a grand mystery the likes of which Arthur C. himself would have been proud. It’s at times like this that I find myself fighting back the tears at the beauty of it all. Music to ensure you never grow old (take note Alphaville). KD

Allegories – Grass Toboggan

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Year: 2008

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