Ambulance LTD – Country Gentleman (LTD)

The problem with illegal downloading (or so I’ve been told) is that you can never be guaranteed about what arrives on your hard drive. Remember those early days of P2P when industry insiders devilishly replaced the genuine article with a never ending piercing banshee wail wrapped up in an mp3 coating. Success could never be guaranteed and even if you made it past the dreaded 99% on dial-up you often had to contend with damaged goods. In some very rare cases the malformed actually stacked up quite well against the original. One memorable example I can recall is a knocked about version of Bell XI’s ‘Music In Mouth’ which arrived looping fantastically around the best bits of each tune. So ‘Snakes and Snakes’ ended up sounding like the most perfect 3 minutes ever as the jangling guitars endlessly wound about themselves. Another favourite is this stunted version of Ambulance Ltd’s ‘Country Gentleman’, which only contains one verse and a menagerie of beautiful tilted chords. Round and round it goes as if in constant state of inebriation but my do I love it, can’t even bring myself to listen to its fully developed self. KD

Ambulance LTD – Country Gentleman

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Year: 2003

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