Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There?

Classic dance doesn’t come more, er, old skool that Bassheads ‘Is There Anybody out There?’ Songs like this were what put the Hacienda at the centre of the universe in late 80’s/early 90’s and even though it sounds like a mash-up of A Guy Like Gerald, early Prodigy and Talking Heads there is no denying its potentially hip breaking swirl. Bassheads were Desa and Nick Murphy from Liverpool and despite the success of this song in the early nineties they have largely made their names with their remixes (Visage’s ‘Fade To Grey’ and Bjork’s ‘Human Behaviour’ being the more well known) and club nights. Perhaps this was due in part to the smorgasbord of lawsuits that were filed when ‘Is There Anybody out There?’ came out (one came in from the Osmonds!). It still broke the Top 10 in 1991 and has held up quite well despite its age even if the ubiquitous jumpy piano lines of the time do sound like an, admittedly pleasant, acid flashback. KD

Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There?

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Year: 1991

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