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Okay’s new album is called ‘Huggable Dust’, contender for title of the year in my book but then I am biased. Okay are from Fremont in California and are distinguished by the utterly distinctive vocals of lead man Marty Anderson. It takes some getting used to but once it sinks in you’ll be enamoured. Anderson’s serious health problems meant that much of ‘Huggable Dust’ was conceived in his bedroom but what emerges should be embraced by the wider world. ‘Okay’ is touching, uplifting and tragic all at once, ultimately leaving its mark through the sensuous delivery and fine musicianship. The effect is otherworldly and precious enough to warrant greater inspection. ‘Huggable Dust’ is out now so start inspecting. KD

Okay – My

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Year: 2008

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  1. May 30, 2008

    you’re sites looking really good!i’m definitely coming back regularly. and adding you to my blogroll!nice work-tamara

  2. June 3, 2008

    :)hey there!i was on my waytrying to find okay’s”my”and i found you…;)& i like it here,very very nice place!!!*they are both beautybut this one plying is not “my” (i guess)is called“natural” (i’ll take it)again thanksss a lotit’s as u said precious…

  3. June 3, 2008

    Thanks both of you for saying such nice things.

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