Pilote – The Name Of My DJ

Stuart Cullen, as Pilote, has been cooking up gems for several years but his last 2 EP’s have really seen him hit his stride. 2007’s ‘Pop Will Make Us Free’ EP (elongated play?) has 10 tracks of lush electronica, golden pulses of sound that should aid anyone in dire need of audio floatation. The EP flows organically and it’s likely you’ll miss the end of one track and the beginning of another such is the smooth progression. The work rarely strays from its core template but when it does approach mild confrontation like on the hip-hop influenced ‘The Name of my DJ’ an even more fascinating personality emerges. Ambient without the ambience one might say and don’t you just love the way the soft chords sound when juxtaposed with the solid grey smoke belching beats? KD

Pilote – The Name Of My DJ

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Year: 2007

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