Radiohead – Creep '08 (A Copycat Remix)

Take a listen to this and remember I am impervious to your snide remarks concerning its awfulness. And the reason being that I like it quite a lot, more and more with each listen in fact. Let’s face it this Swedish DJ has left himself wide open for attack by deciding to remodel something as gargantuan as Radiohead’s breakthrough hit, this song probably resides in the hearts of more people than their whole back catalogue post ‘Ok Computer’. So what does he do, well he introduces a splattering beat that sits uneasily atop the original. Initially it sounds awkward and uneasy finding itself in the close company of a great but before long a bond forms and it genuinely begins to make sense. The song is thus imbued with a manic intensity missing from the original giving it a contemporary taste of the noughties ADD like tendancies. No doubt it’ll be blasphemy for some but I’d take this over many of the lame ducks that can be found plodding all over ‘In Rainbows’. KD

Radiohead – Creep ’08 (A Copycat Remix)

Watch The Video To A Real Creep

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Year: 2008

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  1. May 24, 2008

    Snide comment number 1:Copycat is a great name for this, there is nothing original here except for the shockingly bad backing music added – not for me im afraid.Actually if you never heard creep before and heard this you would think it was an awful song except fot the amazing vocals

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