Schuman The Human – A Weekend Away

Sometimes I try to pick a song to fit the mood of the day. So if you are looking for a slow contemplative number the best time to drop by would be Sunday morning. If dancefloors are more your scene then sometime after 6pm on Friday could slake your thirst for nocturnal beats. Right now I am having a lazy Saturday and Schuman The Human is doing his damndest to supply me with a most perfect soundtrack. Schuman is in fact Mark Foster and some friends who came together to record his debut record early last year. He’s a fan of the banjo and alt country is our Mark but not in a way that could ever attract stetson wearing folks to his gigs. In fact much of ‘Showtime For Schuman’ boasts a near perfect take on indie pop, the type of fare that Belle & Sebastian used to produce in spades. Chilli Gold joins him on ‘A Weekend Away’ and together they make such a sweet racket. Soft and welcoming it for some unknown reason reminds me of the Inspiral Carpets ‘Sleep Well Tonight’. Tuck yourself in, close your eyes and dream about your next weekend away. KD

Schuman The Human – A Weekend Away

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Year: 2007

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  1. March 23, 2009

    what happend with the mp3? I’m from the third world!

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