Slaraffenland – I'm A Machine

I just went the longest time in about 5 years without listening to new music. It was refreshing but I guess some balmy warm air and a vibrant Catalan city sure helps. Anyway, I’m back fresh and chomping at the bit for new sounds. My inbox was stuffed to the brim, but this track is the one I’ve been playing all day. Slaraffenland is Danish for ‘the land of milk and honey’ but whether that translation will make it any easier to pronounce this Copenhagen band’s name is open to question. Signed to the stylish Hometapes label Slaraffenland are closely aligned with fellow Danish experimentalists Efterklang and the two are embarking on an extensive US tour together over the next few weeks. Slaraffenland’s next release will be the ‘Sunshine’ EP, which not only includes this song but also has an A-ha and Radiohead cover (as zeitgeist as it gets). ‘I’m A Machine’ is perhaps less strenuous than anything the band has ever released. It is still as loose as a pair of Joe Bloggs but there are certainly louder pop frequencies than usual at work here. I’m also hearing a note or two from a hippie classic and it’s that slight familiarity that should see Slaraffenland invade the consciousness of those who normally shy away from audio that deals in wide brush strokes. It’s good to be back. KD

Slaraffenland – I’m A Machine

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Year: 2008

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  1. Jakob
    May 8, 2008

    Polaroids and show me the way are my Favorites.. I think i told you some time ago, trough myspace about these boys.. though not sure..Keep them coming.. :)

  2. May 9, 2008

    Hello Jakob. Yeah it is great to have a correspondent in Denmark with his ear to the ground!

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