The Dying Seconds – Everything Always

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As albums go it is up there with the best of 2008. Because it is free to download there is no reason in the world why you shouldn’t be enjoying its vibrant digital heart within an hour. It’s worth it, I promise you. I had been enjoying the cascading electronic opuses long before I discovered that the Dying Seconds are actually from ye olde Dublin. Came as a bit of surprise that a local outfit could have produced such a wonderfully realised composition but it made the listen all the sweeter. The Dying Seconds obviously have the ambition and the talent to succeed; all they need now is a label to kick-start their inevitable ascent to the top. ‘Everything Always’ is one of several instrumental tracks to be found on the album and is a suitably grandiose piece with which to close proceedings. If Orbital had created this at their peak they would have been rightly lauded so don’t let your fear of the unknown cloud what is a stellar piece of work. Also included here is ‘I’ll Make The Best Weapon’ which has the added touch of some pretty glorious voices. KD

The Dying Seconds – Everything Always

The Dying Seconds – I’ll Make The Best Weapon

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Download The Album For Free: The Dying Seconds
Year: 2008

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