The Ruling Class – Umbrella Folds

Oh swoon, I mean really swoon. This is just so perfect, so full of everything I hold dear in indie pop. Fey, quietly realised vocals with a chorus of jangling chords chiming in the background. There is more than a touch of the early nineties about this London based (Swedish derived) act so it’s not at all surprising that the Stone Roses (thankfully first coming Roses) come out on top of their list of influences. The Ruling Class’s debut EP ‘Tour De Force’ has just been released and should be on your shopping list if ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Sugar Spun Sister’ are at the crux of your music existence. ‘Umbrella Folds’ arrived at my ears quite by accident and 30 seconds in I was deep in prayer hoping it could carry on from such an auspicious start. I needn’t have worried, this baggy little number may wear its inspiration on its sleeves but that doesn’t stop it from being totally inspirational in its own right. Anyone know a cure for chronic goosebumps? KD

The Ruling Class – Umbrella Folds

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Year: 2008

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