Jon Athans Project – Humid in Town

Last year Montag’s ‘Going Places‘ stole my heart, this year’s equivalent comes via the Jon Athans Project. The Jon (and the Athan) in the project is Jonathan Pretz from Pennsylvania and he creates his soft brand of electronica from his bedroom studio. He is giving his debut EP ‘Hard Holidays’ away for free and it a gorgeously understated listen. In the past ventures such as this would have been lost so thank you internet for bringing it to an appreciative audience. ‘Humid in Town’ is my favourite track as I love infectious little cyclical numbers. Everything about this is cute, from Pretz’s cosy vocals to the bouncy soundtrack that has a tinge of the eastern about it (JAP?). Stick it on repeat and watch the flowers around you accelerate into full bloom. KD

Jon Athans Project – Humid In Town

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Year: 2008

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