Regulate and Fold – Looks Like A War

Regulate and Fold might seem like an odd name for a music project but then aren’t all the best ones already taken? Seems so because artists like Jesper Henriksen are now drawn to the colourless workplace of an underpaid secretary to secure an appropriate moniker. Ah well, at least the music is inspired. ‘Looks Like A War’ has all the hallmarks of a US production but Jesper’s feet are set firmly on Danish ground. You may hear a less focused Postal Service but I find the languid mood rather fetching. And don’t those vocals just remind you how Grandaddy were once our favourite exponents of melodic melancholic pop. This sure is a world away from drab corridors and personalities with the appeal of half cooked rhubarb.KD

Regulate and Fold – Looks Like A War

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2007

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