The Studio – Origin (Shake You Down By The River)

There is something altogether reminiscent of a nascent Happy Mondays on this track from Sweden’s the Studio. Like it wandered into the Shaun Ryder’s not unsubstantial cloud of dope smoke circa the ‘Thrills, Pills and Bellyaches’ sessions while at the other end of the room it had to shuffle around Bez during a particularly lively maracas waving session. Remember those ‘Hallelujah’ remixes, the way they seemed to go on for an age, without really delivering anything of note but still gripping the imagination with the intensity of a penalty shoot out. The Studio have 3 albums, the latest of which ‘Yearbook 2’ hasn’t even been released outside of Scandinavia. Which really doesn’t amount to a whole lot of restriction in these internet enabled days. Those ‘Import’ stickers have long gone the way of the Dodo and thankfully with them the bulging pockets of the fat cats. KD

The Studio – Origin (Shake You Down By The River)

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Year: 2007

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  1. June 27, 2008

    Studio are wonderful.BTW, saw Yearbook 2 is HMV London (not obviously on import)

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