The Weeks – Buttons

Straddling the perilously thin line between the Kings of Leon and MOR would prove too much for most bands but the Weeks have conspired to upset the odds. Given their tender years it is remarkable that they have already mastered the art of sounding interesting while not exactly reinventing the wheel. ‘Buttons’ is a rampaging anthem from their new album ‘Comeback Cadillac’, a piece so fuelled with youthful vigour and neat melodic hooks it will be a major surprise if it doesn’t become a decent indie hit. I mean it has all bases covered, the slow gravely intro, the building momentum and the inevitable mosh-pit frenzy of a chorus. Yep, I am definitely sold and pine ever so much for a huge mane of hair to colour my slightly retarted head banging routine which spans its 5-minute running time. ‘Comeback Cadillac’ is out next month on Esperanza Plantation. KD

The Weeks – Buttons

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Year: 2008

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