Verve – Mover

I must be getting old because it doesn’t seem like too long ago that Verve (see what I mean, still refusing to adopt the ‘the’) broke up. Of course mad Richard recorded some solo LP’s (where are they now?) but the last thing most people remember about the Wigan outfit came via their colossal unit shifting ‘Urban Hymns’. And the funny thing is that that album wasn’t even close to being their best, for that you had to go back to the early 90’s when it was difficult to see any of their faces for all the hair. ‘A Storm In Heaven’ was shoehorned between a raft of great EP’s and during that hallucinogenic period the band produced their most innovative, if rather less commercial, work. Bass lines tripped over themselves while shredded chords held bloody hands as Ashcroft sang as if he was the man who’d just discovered a cure for flightless humans. Anyway, McCabe and Ashcroft are now back in the same room and the results will be heard in impressive stereophonic sound on their ‘Forth’ LP to be released in August. To prove they have moved with the times Verve have also seen fit to leak a non-album track, ‘Mover’, which surprising reveals a group that has finally rediscovered its Northern soul. Movers and shakers all over again. KD

Verve – Mover

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Year: 2008

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