Dan Friel – Ghost Town Pt. 1

This is the sound of twisted computer wires on fire, a dying modem. Hence the joy is two-fold, firstly the computer is probably broken and there’ll be no work done today and secondly I kinda dig noises that should grate but somehow conspire to be joyful. So if it’s pretty indie patterns you are after then you’d better not press play or save target as, your ears will thank you for it. Not sure I could stand an album’s worth of this (even if ‘Ghost Town’ is garnering adulating reviews) but much like I really enjoy Dan Deacon in small doses this is really clicking with me at the moment. For most of the time Dan Friel is leadman with guitar noise terrorists Parts & Labor but on his own he seems determined to lift the lid on preconceptions about how recorded music should sound. This is experimental at its most aggressive; cheerfully it’s also a challenge work taking. Friel is signed to Important Records for a reason you know. KD

Dan Friel – Ghost Town Pt. 1

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Year: 2008

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