Lanterna – Luminous

Sometimes certain songs make me feel as if I am partaking of a weekend break. That’s the power of a good tune I guess, it can block out the banalities/pressures of ordinary life. While it plays your focus is set completely on the luxurious structure, on the individual parts that magically gel to form something bigger. For some people this form of escape can be achieved by poetry, others through a bout of heavenly knitting but for me music tends to be the best vehicle for indulging in a spot of relaxing mind yoga. And my mind carrier of choice this evening comes via Illinois man Henry Frayne (Lanterna) and his sumptous instrumental ‘Luminous’. Such a perfect name for a track that glides on an ocean of chiming edge-y riffs and volumious echoing reverb. If jangle be your bag then this may well be your suitcase. See what I mean about mini-holidays. KD

Lanterna – Luminous

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Year: 2008

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