My Milky Way Arms – Sunshine

Some things are ugly, but there are others that are beautiful. The wonderful electrogaze shimmer that comes from My Milky Way Arms certainly falls into the latter category. I know it could conceivably fly over the heads of most people but given some patience songs like ‘Sunshine’ would surely be loved. Much like listening to M83 (& MBV before them) and other noise merchants of distinction the effect is dependent on the listeners ability to drift into ones own flight of fancy. And I’d imagine even the dullest would be cosying up to their own imaginative thoughts that spring from ‘Sunshine’s effervescent rays. It is taken from the Houston duo/trio’s self-titled debut, an inter-galactic swirl of noise and hard won melodic victories. This is truly unmistakable and utterly masterful. KD

My Milky Way Arms – Sunshine

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Year: 2008

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