Salako – Look Left

Hull was recently voted the worst city to live in the U.K. but hey who cares when the Premiership is coming to your doorstep in a matter of weeks. I almost went to University there actually, lucky escape you might say but I prefer to look on what might have been when I hear bands like Salako announcing that Hull is their homestead (under a picturesque electricity pylon). I spent part of the late nineties (3 weeks of it to be precise) trying to convince anyone who would listen that this band were the future. I even dragged a couple of them along to a Salako gig in Whelans. It was a disaster, Salako’s 60’s infected grooves went down like a lead balloon as did the small army of ears that once gave a smidgeon of credence to my eager predictions. That said I do still hold 1999’s ‘Musicality’ close to my heart, as much for this tune (and this one) as anything else. Oh, it may end being a church going clap-a-along (the choir was actually made up of 200 people) but I like the way it starts off somewhere and then branches off elsewhere. Gone but not forgotten these bumblebee loving Northerners. KD

Salako – Look Left

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Year: 1999

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