The Great Northwest – Chief John

Don’t let this pass you by; it’s got plenty of canon in its pants. Hazily delivered and reminiscent of the Dandy Warhols (Portlanders too) it may be but Brian Coates should, if there be any justice in this industry, have several butlers vying to take off his jacket every time he walks through a gilded doorway in the near future. You see it doesn’t always have to hit you square between the eyes straight away, I find a gentle melodic gnaw more enjoyable in the long run. The Great Northwest have been working on their debut ‘The Widespread Reign of’ for a number of years and it is due to appear later this month amid what should be well thought and generally adulating praise. ‘Chief John’ is the lead single and cuts a wallowing, heavy-duty authority that demands repeated visits. Play it and watch dead meadows suddenly bloom into a kaleidoscope of nature’s vibrant colours. KD

The Great Northwest – Chief John

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Year: 2008

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