The Rosie Taylor Project – Maps For Lost Lovers

They come from Leeds, not some sun bleached stretch of nowheresville as you might expect from a name like that. I fell for their unpretentious bio straight away and the music backs up their uncomplicated approach. You will neither be bowled over by the arch creativity or spend endless hours unscrambling their ambiguous lyrics. Instead they’ll butter you up with their caressing melodies, soft brass interjections and the general atmosphere of quiet contemplation. Sounds good doesn’t it? And if your name happens to be Rosie Taylor the collective will throw a free gig in your honour at your choice of location. Pretty sure they’ll play lots of tracks from their brand new album ‘This City Draws Maps’ too, right better be off, lots of important things to do. KD

The Rosie Taylor Project – Maps For Lost Lovers

Watch The Video To Black and White Films

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Year: 2008

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